ScentVenir – OCEAN PASSION Premium Aromatic Reed Diffuser ( Refill Oil) 200ml

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  • “Ocean Passion” Unique Scent
  • From Pure Essential Oils & Premium Fragrance
  • Long lasting usage up to 7-8 months
  • Special Natural Reed Stick, Absorb and Diffuse in 2-3 minutes
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ScentVenirOCEAN PASSION Premium Aromatic Reed Diffuser Special Unique Scents Blend from Pure Essential Oils and Premium Fragrance Rapid Diffuser with Long Lasting Usage up to 8 months ( Refill ) 200ml

Ocean Passion

Imagine your first breath of ocean air; clean, wind-blown feel, soothing yet invigorating.

Set off an ocean sailing adventure under the bright blue sky.

Our “Ocean Passion” fragrance oil is a fresh of Peppermint, Rosemary and Lavender notes with a subtle hint of Geranium and Nutmeg.

This crisp scent awakens the body and recharges the spirit. Capture the cool sensation of a refreshing sea breeze. Bring a clean and fresh feeling to your place.


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