ScentVenir – RAINFOREST Premium Aromatic Reed Diffuser ( Refill Oil ) 200ml

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  • “Rainforest” Unique Scent
  • From Pure Essential Oils & Premium Fragrance
  • Long lasting usage up to 7-8 months
  • Special Natural Reed Stick, Absorb and Diffuse in 2-3 minutes
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ScentVenirRAINFOREST Premium Aromatic Reed Diffuser Special Unique Scents Blend from Pure Essential Oils and Premium Fragrance Rapid Diffuser with Long Lasting Usage up to 8 months ( Refill ) 200ml


Take a walk through an evergreen forest. Adventure is calling with the intensity of this fresh fragrance.

It is an exotic blend of green forest and fine aromas of Orange and Bergamot complimented with rich note of Jasmine.

“Rainforest” fragrance features notes of things you’d find on the bottom of the forest floor: rain drops, leaf buds, wet twigs, tree sap, bark, and moss. It really does smell like cool rain falling on to the forest.


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